Loving LED tube lights
My kids said recently that he love the new LED tube light when he needs to study at night for the bright light. I have six of these tubes now. I purchased a two pack to try them out from LED light manufacturer China. Now my family has in favor of this kind of LED tube light.  
They worked fine so I picked up a four pack to finish converting the rest room fixtures to all LED. All have worked out of the box. Not all LED tubes use the same wiring configuration. These are pretty straight forward. First of all, they are like China 18W 1200mm T8 LED tube light, it could give a room bright light which will good for our kids’ eyes protection. It requires that you cut the wires at the ballast. I wire the four wires from one side to the hot, black power wire. In this case, it was the red and blue wires. The other side of the fixture is wired to all the wires out of this side. In my case, all the yellow wires to the white neutral.
Of course, high quality modern LED ceiling light would be another choice if you want bright light at night for your kid’s study. 
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