45w LED Liner LED Tube in kingjie-led
I believe most of us know LED tube light for it is popular among home and abroad recently years. As LED light manufacturer China, we know that 45w LED liner LED tube is also an importance element in our home decoration. Now we can see the popularity of it.
Saving energy is our goal when we make some innovations in our daily life. Now this new LED light can save more than 55% on your electricity bill! Replace 48W fluorescent tubes by 18W LED. By the way, reducing re-lamp frequency with a lifetime of 45,000+ rated hours (21 years with 3 hours/day 365 days) is another benefit when we use China 18W 1200mm T8 LED tube light. Of course, easy Installation with no tombstone hassle is another one. International standard shape for T8 4FT LED Tube lights which is easily fitted instead of traditional fluorescent tube lamps, bypass the starter and ballast before installation for best results.
We would know that high quality modern LED ceiling light is our goal for our high standard life. 
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